Industry Support Business
Encouraging Domestic SW
Event SW Industry Market/Technology Forecast Seminar
Main content Providing trend and insight information on the latest market and technology by each field of the SW industry
Major Participants SW industry related business professionals
Event Privacy and Information Security Conference
Main content Providing conferences on privacy and information security for Public institutions & General Industry
Major Participants Information Security Officer and staff of Public institutions & General Industry
Event KM&ECM Conference
Main content Holding exhibitions for KM&ECM products and providing seminars on cases, solutions and technology of the KM and ECM field
Major Participants Members from KM&ECM Committee and related buyers
Event Bigdata Enterprise Conference
Main content exhibition products and presenting cases, solutions and technology of the Big data field
Major Participants Members from Big Data Enterprise Council, related buyers
Event SW Quality Management Symposium
Main content Seminar for Quality management best practices, Testing Tools, technic, Methodology
Major Participants SW Quality Specialists, Software engineers, Students
Event Privacy Conference for Public Institutions
Main content Providing training courses on personal information protection act for governmental bodies
Major Participants Officers from Ministry of Public Administration and Security and related institutions
Event Korea SW companies Competitiveness Congress
Main content various valuation & awards for excellent software company
Major Participants Software industry workers, government officials, media journalist
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