Sincerely welcome to Korea Software Industry Association’s (KOSA) website.

KOSA, which was founded in 1988 to support sound growth and promotion of Korean software industry,
has been committed to improving people’s awareness of software industry and the industry policies and
systems through multilateral efforts, for over 20 years.

For the recent 10 years, Korean IT industry has seen its remarkable growth and helped the nation leap to
join the ranks of the most powerful countries. However, the software industry which is the basis of IT industry
has still a lot of challenges to meet.
Of these challenges, the top priorities include creating a sound industrial environment through efforts to help
large/small and medium-sized enterprises co-exist and develop cooperation models
continuous development and training of outstanding workforce; and overseas business expansion and market exploitation.

In the future, KOSA will propel a variety of policies and businesses that assume co-growth with its customers
needs and satisfaction.
We will always appreciate your interest and encouragement.

Thank you.